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natural tanning water works instantly on the skin to hydrate, moisturize, and self tan all in one. Easy to use and perfect for building, moisturizing, and maintaining an existing tan. Mess free and will not transfer to clothing, bedding or application area. This color correcting formulation will even out any skin tone and can be used on face & body or as a make up setting spray. Quick drying alcohol free/oil free and will not leave you feeling sticky after application. 


Apply by misting entire body and using blending mitt or hands in a circular motion. Leaving hands and feet until last. Thoroughly wash palms immediately after use to avoid discoloration. Color will begin to develop in 2 hours and continue to develop for 24 hours.  


*Oil Free 

*Alcohol Free

*Dye Free

*Scent Free

*Paraben Free

*Cruelty Free

AG Sunless Tanning Water

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